Welcome to Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics is a refereed journal
dedicated to publishing work in all sub-fields of linguistics and from all
theoretical approaches.  The only requirement is that articles deal primarily
with the linguistic analysis of Hispanic and/or Lusophone languages, which
is interpreted broadly so as to include not only Spanish and Portuguese, but
also Catalan, Galician, Spanish and Portuguese-based creoles, and other
such areas of investigation.

Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics is abstracted and indexed in
the MLA International Bibliography and in Linguistics and Language
Behavior Abstracts (LLBA), making its contents known to scholars around
the world.

Each annual volume of the journal is published in two issues, the first in the
Spring and the second in the Fall.  The first volume was published in 2008.  
Manuscripts are accepted for publication consideration on an ongoing
basis.  Please see the
Submission Guidelines for full details on submitting a
manuscript to Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics.

Journal Features:

Research articles
- including all areas of Hispanic and Lusophone
Linguistics, and from all approaches, including theoretical, applied, and

Book Reviews - reviews of books proposing linguistic analyses or
applying linguistic concepts or analyses that deal with, or are of
particular interest to scholars working in any area of, Hispanic and
Lusophone linguistics.  When books are received for review, the
editors will seek appropriate reviewers; however, offers to review a
particular book that you believe to be of interest to scholars in Hispanic
and Lusophone linguistics are welcome.

"State of the Discipline" articles - articles on the state of work in
specific subareas of Hispanic and Lusophone linguistics.  Proposals are
welcome for future State of the Discipline articles.

"Viewpoints" - short position papers (2500-5000 words), with each
expressing a viewpoint on a particular issue of interest within Hispanic
and Lusophone linguistics.  When possible, multiple Viewpoints, taking
different positions on the same issue, will be published together.  
Proposals from potential guest editors of Viewpoints sections are

Dissertation notices - brief notices of recently completed dissertations
in Hispanic and Lusophone linguistics, including a short description of
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics